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A Mobile Tradition for Over 60 Years

Handmade, "One of a Kind Designs"  Here are just a few samples 

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  1. Amethyst Drop
    Amethyst Drop
  2. Mabe Pearl Pin/Pendant
    Mabe Pearl Pin/Pendant
  3. Blue Topaz Drop
    Blue Topaz Drop
  4. Amethyst Brooch
    Amethyst Brooch
  5. Exotic Tourmaline
    Exotic Tourmaline
  6. Full Sails
    Full Sails
  7. Fine Black Opal
    Fine Black Opal
  8. Onyx & Diamond Enhancer
    Onyx & Diamond Enhancer
  9. Freshwater Freeform
    Freshwater Freeform
  10. Bi-Color Topaz
    Bi-Color Topaz
  11. Cupid Diamond Pin
    Cupid Diamond Pin
  12. Malachite Sailboat Pendant
    Malachite Sailboat Pendant
  13. Large Pearl Drop
    Large Pearl Drop
  14. Black Opal Pendant
    Black Opal Pendant
  15. Moon & Stars
    Moon & Stars
  16. SOLD:Trillion Rhodolite Garnet
    SOLD:Trillion Rhodolite Garnet
  17. Unique Fine Tourmaline
    Unique Fine Tourmaline
  18. Rich Classic Tanzanite
    Rich Classic Tanzanite
  19. Skeleton Key Original
    Skeleton Key Original
  20. Fantasy Cut Amethyst
    Fantasy Cut Amethyst
  21. SOLD: Freeform Fashion
    SOLD: Freeform Fashion
  22. Antique Style Dangle Drop
    Antique Style Dangle Drop
  23. Briolette Citrines
    Briolette Citrines
  24. Opal Slide
    Opal Slide
  25. Antique Lace
    Antique Lace
  26. The "Craftsman" Pendant
    The "Craftsman" Pendant
  27. Ametrine Dangles
    Ametrine Dangles
  28. Classic Cameo
    Classic Cameo
  29. Vintage Bezel Solitaire
    Vintage Bezel Solitaire
  30. SOLD: Diamond Lace Bangle
    SOLD: Diamond Lace Bangle
  31. "A Diamond String"
    "A Diamond String"
  32. SOLD: Chimes in Gold
    SOLD: Chimes in Gold
  33. SOLD: Pear Beauty
    SOLD: Pear Beauty
  34. SOLD: AAA Tanzanite
    SOLD: AAA Tanzanite
  35. SOLD: Diamond Raindrops
    SOLD: Diamond Raindrops
  36. SOLD: Handmade Bracelet
    SOLD: Handmade Bracelet
  37. The Ultimate Green
    The Ultimate Green
  38. STK1826
  39. STL1700
  40. Stk1255
  41. STK2047
  42. STK 1785 The Ballerina
    STK 1785 The Ballerina
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Customized, Redesigned, & Updated!  

    Let Us Create Your "One of a Kind" Treasure

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  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director
  10. Managing Director
  11. Managing Director
  12. Managing Director
  13. Managing Director
  14. Managing Director
  15. Managing Director
  16. Managing Director
  Often you may have old or dated jewelry in your collection. Many times these pieces can be remodeled and redesigned into something new and beautiful. Also the appraised value of the new item will increase considerably. Last but not least there is a great deal of  satisfaction in having a new piece at a much lower cost than a new purchase!